• Access to the EM library whereyou can read articles and blogs written by our experts. With topics including Startups, Investors, Funding, Entrepreneurship, etc., this is crucially important information for you to succeed. We publish 1/2 articles per week. 
  • One Year Access to our Investor Room with more than 35k Professional Investors already listed. Weadd around 250 new investors per week to ensure global coverage, ranging from Angels to Venture Capitalist, Incubators, Accelerators, Labs and others. You will be able to search and get in touch with them directly and there are NO Additional Fees to be paid if you get funded by them.
  • One Year Free Listing in our Start-Up Room shared with thousands of Investors globally, with NO Success Fee charged in case of successful investments received through our introductions.
  • BizTalk Video Interview – You can participate in one of our BizTalk video interviews with Max, our Founder and CEO. The BizTalk interview will be converted to a 5-minute Elevator Pitch Video Clip and 20 minutes BizTalk Video along with articles written around your session which you can also use as your own Video Pitch to send to Investors.