How EquityMatch Helps Investors Connect with the Right Startup positions itself as a platform that utilises its resources, experience, and expertise to connect investors to start-ups in such a way…

January 6, 2023

EquityMatch positions itself as a platform that utilises its resources, experience, and expertise to connect investors to start-ups in such a way that is beneficial for both parties. The fundamental reasons why we are uniquely geared to do this are: The strength of our networks – the network of investors and the network of founders – and the advisory and mentorship that we provide to founders. 

A Growing Concern, in a good way.

Our list of investors grows longer every day, and the number of start-ups that we match to investors has grown along with it. Our platform allows investors to view a portfolio of all the start-ups that we partner with, and our partnered start-ups can search for which investors they can pitch their ideas to, in order to secure your startup funding

Our Investor Forums and start-up areas are easy and accessible environments in which you can make your presence felt.

Looking for the next Unicorn 

We are always on the lookout for new and innovative entrepreneurs with whom we can work, and our investors are always on the lookout for that next “Unicorn” – a start-up that will change the world for the better while making extraordinary returns for the investor, typically in the range of more than $1 billion in market value. Although this monetary value is often quoted when talking about such start-up companies, other metrics, such as social awareness, long-term profitability, high innovation that disrupts the market, and other factors are considered.

Where does Fit In?

Founders partnered with us are given several opportunities to make their presence felt to investors. They have the opportunity to create a full profile on our platform, including all details an investor might need. Our platform has been made so that a wide range of media – Including videos, presentations, and other materials – can be included for the investor community to examine and make their own determinations. 

We also encourage founders to create their pitch on a specialised video, which they can use to pitch to investors as and when necessary, inside or outside the platform. 

One of our main focuses is to provide opportunities for founders to directly pitch to investors in video interviews, where investors can get a better understanding of the founder’s vision, strengths, and attitudes. We understand that communicating one-on-one in an interactive way can help investors and founders understand each other in a way that one simply cannot achieve through written media.  

On top of all this, we provide world-class advisory services on how to put together your pitch deck and how to pitch your ideas to an investor, whether you are looking for seed funding or for expansion. We also have an extensive collection of literature in the form of blog articles written by subject matter experts in wide areas such as funding, entrepreneurship investment, and even specialised areas such as Women Entrepreneurs and the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. 

Act Now!

As the saying goes, you never finish what you never start, so make a start with us today and contact us to get connected to a world of investors waiting for your excellent ideas and make sure you become the next unicorn.