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Tips for building a sustainable business

Building a business is not easy. But just building a business itself is not enough. In today’s competitive landscape for... Continue reading

Validating your Business Idea, Unavoidable steps to follow.

You have done your brainstorming and come up with a few ideas, whittled it down to the most innovative and... Continue reading

Sailing through the path to success…

As you begin your startup journey, there will be many situations that would be new and some that you are... Continue reading

Overview on how to tackle the main investor pain points.

From the idea to inception to MVP, startups go through an interesting journey. An inevitable stage a startup comes to... Continue reading

What Makes You A Successful Entrepreneur?

The term success is hard to define, but most of us can recognise success when we see it. One of... Continue reading

Key investor expectations from a startup.

More and more people are leaving their 9-5 jobs to embark on the exciting, challenging and initially tough job of... Continue reading

Is it a MUST for a startup to look for external INVESTMENT?

A brief look at how startups can assess the need for external investment channels and other options available... Continue reading

FIVE key questions to ask when you first launch your startup!

you’re thinking of stepping into the challenging yet exciting world of building your own ‘startup’! This will feel like it’s... Continue reading